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Damien Jones

Born in Launceston, Cornwall


I'm an artist with over 10 years experience in the illustration, animation and television industry. I graduated in 2008, with an Animation Production degree from The Art Institute at Bournemouth.

My first job was in Edinburgh as Assistant Animator on Sylvain Chomet's Oscar-nominated 'The Illusionist'.


With a huge passion for drawing, I found myself finding work as an illustrator, and getting to work with most major publishers, before having the chance to take over from Graham Howells on the popular Dragon Masters series for Scholastic.

I've since spent many years freelancing in the creative sector working in film, television and publishing industries, as well as individual illustrative based projects. My work has enabled me to work with the likes of Aardman Ltd, Honeywell Aerospace, Scholastic, Lupus Films Ltd amongst others.

I currently work out of my studio in Launceston, Cornwall. 

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